Korg Wavestate MkII Wave Sequencing Synthesizer

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Kick your digital game up with the new Korg Wavestate Mk 2! An excellent improvement of the original, and the latest successor to the Korg WaveStation of the 90s, The Wavestate is a wave sequencing synthesizer, meaning you can create and modulate sounds like never before, creating a sequence that modulates the sound, rather than playing a musical line. Make your own "performance" by layering together up to four programs and modulate each one just how you like it to get the ultimate sonic experience. Tying everything together is the impressive real-time adjustment areas, allowing you to modulate the wave sequence, or classic settings like the filter, LFO, and Envelopes that would be right at home in an analog setting. On the topic of the filter, it comes with plenty of settings to use including emulations of the PolySix and MS-20 along with its own style.