About Us


Mom’s Music is located at 1900 Mellwood Ave right next to the Mellwood Art’s center, where we have been since 2006.


Mom’s Music is a full-service music retail store, offering all the very best gear you can get.  Mom’s Music is also the home to Rising Stars Music Academy, where we teach over four hundred students per week a variety of different instruments as well as vocals. Do you need an audio, video or camera installation?  Let our experts come and give you bid and help you achieve all your goals for your Church, School or Business.


Mom’s music was founded in 1979 by Marvin and Beverly Maxwell and it was a family run operation until 2020 when Jeff McNicol purchased the brand Mom’s Music. McNicol’s vision was to continue the outstanding service and attention to customers that the Maxwell’s always exemplified for over forty years.  McNicol wants to continue that excellence and continue building this historic brand.  Attention to detail and friendly customer service are just some of the goals we have every day.

So what are you waiting for? “Come Play Be Happy