Korg Volcabeats Analog Drum machine

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In any genre, drums are one of the most important aspects of the music. If you don't have a set, or the space for one on stage, or even someone to PLAY the drums, the Korg Volca Beats is an incredible solution. Pure analog drums at $160 (with an additonal PCM section with sounds like cowbell, crash, clap, and more) make this a fantastic addition for virtually any musician. Its ease of use allows anyone to make a sequence on the Volca series' signature 16 step sequencer, and its 8 memory banks allow you to save 8 unique lines that you can load with the press of a button. Despite the analog synth group this gets lumped into, it's incredibly versatile. Solo artists can use it to add a bit of depth to their songs while playing live through their PA, while Rap and Hip-Hop artists can turn the bass decay up and make an excellent 808 sound. Of course, it comes with the standard 5-pin MIDI in, and a Sync I/O, so your rig can keep its tempo, or it can keep your rig's tempo.


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