Korg Volcabass Analog Bassline Generator

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The Korg Volca Bass, despite the name, isn't any ordinary bassline generator. On top of it being pure analog at $160, the 3 VCOs not only have a huge octave range, but they are also independent of each other, allowing you to make sequences with each one separately and run them simultaneously, giving you a sort of "false" 3-voice polyphony. after you've created your sequence, you can adjust the pitch of each individual one by chromatic scale, going anywhere between one octave below what you recorded, to one octave above what you recorded. If the oscillators weren't cool enough, the filter and Envelope Generator on it are legendary, giving you simple but fantastic control over your sound. Of course, it comes with the standard Volca-style 16-step sequencer, 5-pin MIDI in, and a Sync I/O, so your rig can keep its tempo, or it can keep your rig's tempo. If you're getting into analog or are a seasoned veteran of the trade, there is no reason why you wouldn't want this battery powered budget synth.


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