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Mesa/Boogie’s California Tweed series is a line of guitar amplifiers that pay homage to the classic Tweed amps of the 1950s. The California Tweed 6V6 4:40 is a 40-watt, 1x12" combo amp that features a quartet of 6V6 power tubes and a Tweed-based circuit design. It’s known for its warm, vintage tone and its ability to deliver a range of clean to overdriven sounds.

The California Tweed series is designed to capture the essence of the original Tweed amps, with a focus on organic, dynamic tone and a smooth, responsive feel. The 6V6 power tubes provide a warm, vintage tone, while the Tweed-based circuit design delivers a range of clean to overdriven sounds.

Some of the key features of the California Tweed 6V6 4:40 include:

  • 40-watt, 1x12" combo amp
  • Quartet of 6V6 power tubes
  • Tweed-based circuit design
  • Multi-Watt power amp with Duo-Class and Dyna-Watt technologies
  • Five power, two operating class, and three wiring options
  • Includes a range of modern features, such as a three-band EQ and a presence control

The California Tweed 6V6 4:40 has received rave reviews from guitarists and critics alike, with many praising its warm, vintage tone and its ability to deliver a range of clean to overdriven sounds. It’s a great choice for guitarists who want a versatile, high-quality amp that can handle a variety of musical styles.

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