*NOS* PRS HDRX 50 -watt USA Jimi Hendrix Tube Head

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NOS- New Old Stock. New but has been here too long.

Back in 2018, Paul Reed Smith and PRS Amp Designer Doug Sewell got their hands on Jimi Hendrix's Woodstock-era amplifier — a late-'60s British non-master-volume model. After meticulously studying the original amp's circuitry, PRS retooled and refined it, giving rise to the HDRX 50. This amplifier head features a period-correct tube configuration, along with a custom-designed output transformer that captures the flexibility, power, and balance of the original. The HDRX 50 not only delivers the vaunted dynamic range that British non-master-volume amps are renowned for, but it also includes a contemporary power supply and filament design to safeguard against unwanted hum and hiss. You'll appreciate the HDRX 50's streamlined control layout, and its internally bridged channels eliminate the need for external jumping. If you desire an authentic non-master-volume playing experience but value the convenience and improved sonics of a modern amp, the PRS HDRX 50 was tailor-made for you.


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