September 13, 2012

Rock School

Mom’s Music Louisville Announces Next Generation Rock School!

Mom’s Rock School puts you in the band! For over 20 years, Mom’s Music has been creating rock stars and now we have taken our Rock School concept to the next level. The new and improved Rock School classes meet weekly for 90 minutes and places kids from 8 to 18 in bands based on age, instrument played, and skill level.  Ultimately they are preparing for concerts every 10 to 12 weeks. 

  • Rock School 101 Designed for the beginning musician who is just starting out. Our coaching staff will teach the basic music fundamentals and theory necessary to perform in a group setting. Song structure, chord progressions, musical feel are just a few of the topics highlighted in Rock School 101.
  • Rock School 201 Takes the aspiring student to the next level. Musical selections for the second level program become more advanced as does the critical analysis of the material. Students explore advanced concepts of music structure and theory while building their improvisational skills.
  • Performance Rock School Takes advanced students who have been in stable bands throughout Rock School 201 and works with the entire group to create specific performance goals. Areas of study include promotional marketing, booking performances, song selection, set list design, technical stage craft and basic sound reinforcement. Our Performance Rock School bands are often featured entertainment at various local events such as art fairs, festivals and picnics.

Students advance through the Rock School Programs at a pace that suits the individual. Upon demonstrating the proper skills and musicianship, the student will advance to the next level. This allows young musicians to study with students who share their musical interests and similar skills and stay focused on a path that leads to Performance Rock School and performing throughout the community.

For more information please contact Beverly, Director of Music Education, ( Alternately feel free to use our form below to get more information on the program!

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