Yamaha Gigmaker – Best Value Starter Guitar Kit

Every year we look for the best quality bang for the buck starter guitars.  I tell people all the time that it is hard enough learning, let alone trying to learn on a cheap guitar that is a nightmare to play. THIS YEAR YAMAHA STRIKES AGAIN!

Yamaha Gigmaker - Starter Kit

The perfect guitar + amp combo for the aspiring guitarist!

We are thrilled to be offering what we consider to be the best starter kits we have ever had. The Yamaha Gigmaker Electric Guitar package come with the Pacifica guitar with 2 single coil and 1 Humbucker pickups. It is available in chrome red, chrome, blue, and black. It includes a 15 watt amp, gigbag, cable, strap, and instructional DVD for only 249.99.

Yamaha Gigmaker DLX Acoustic Package

Yamaha’s Gigmaker DLX Acoustic Guitar Package

On the acoustic side it is a tie. Yamaha is offering the Gigmaker DLX package. A solid Spruce Top Dreadnought complete with gigbag,extra strings picks and DVD. Or the new comer on the block Lag guitars. they are offering a wonderful Spruce Top Dreadnought or auditorium guitar. All three are only 199.99 each.


Yamaha JR1 - Perfect Starter Acoustic

Yamaha JR1 – Perfect Starter Acoustic

And for the younger player Yamaha offers the JR1 guitar in two finishes. Natural and sunburst at 139.99 and 159.99. This guitar also makes a killer travel guitar. Yamaha’s Gigmaker guitar kit is the perfect blend of quality and cost for a starting guitarist! Happy Picking!