Louisville Crashers new album

Since 2008 The Louisville Crashers have been rocking hundreds of shows across the country.

Whether its bringing an audience to its knees in New Albany, jamming with Luke Bryan and Kid Rock, or rocking out at the NBC pre-game show for Super Bowl XLVI, the Louisville Crashers are sure to blow their audience away with their hard core tunes.

Now, after long last, they have finally recorded an amazing album which is hope to bring their creative talents to their fans.

The album contains a mix of ballads and pop hits that is sure to please any listener. Songs like “Never Let You Go”, which channels the spirit of U2 so much you think you could hear the Edge playing in the background.Songs like “I Dig you” with its up-tempo, pop feel, with a rocking guitar and vocals which is sure to make a girls heart melt.

The Crashers have come a long way in the past several years and they are pleased to share their new work with their fans.
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