April 20, 2012


Mom’s Music Education Programs

A major responsibility of our music education program is to teach students the musical skills that they will eventually need to pursue their own musical interests with confidence and professionalism. Music education programs should not only teach crucial academic skills, they should also measure individual student’s acquisition and mastery of these skills. The measurement of a student’s progress is just as important as the teaching of those skills. After all, only by careful evaluation of what a student has learned can the instructor then draw conclusions about whether that student is ready to advance to more difficult material.

Mom’s Music Education Program is designed as a comprehensive, curriculum-based course of study that will allow students to become musically literate. Music education helps students express and interpret meaning. Through music, students increase their awareness of rich and diverse cultures, beliefs, and societies of humankind. As students examine the role of music throughout history and in different cultures, they develop respect for diversity.

A quality music program addresses the learning needs of the whole student. Studies in music address the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and aesthetic development of students. Music engages students by providing an experiential approach to the learning experience. Music study allows learners to be successful by addressing various learning styles and intelligences.

Basis for Music Education

Music has always been part of our lives. It is deeply embedded in our existence, adding depth and dimension to our environment, exalting the human spirit, and contributing in important ways to our quality of life. Music is one of the primary ways we learn about ourselves, others, actions and consequences, and traditions and beliefs. Music is one of the fundamental ways human beings create and communicate meanings. All students, regardless of age, cultural heritage, ability, or financial circumstances, should participate fully in the highest quality musical experiences possible.

Course of Study

Every aspect of music study, including courses such as Guitar, Voice, or Drums, provide instruction in the components of creating, performing, listening to, and analyzing music, in addition to focusing on specific course subject matter. The degree of emphasis placed on each component may vary, depending upon the specific objectives of the course curriculum.

Because of the broad base of knowledge and skills involved in creating, performing, responding to, and understanding music, all experiences and learning must occur in a comprehensive, sequential, and standards-based manner. Because students may enter studies in music at various points along this continuum, teachers may use this program of study to determine students’ individual instructional levels and adapt objectives accordingly.


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