Controlling Your Stage Volume – Jet City Amps – Howard Gittli

Howard Gittli is a musician, husband and music lover who happens to work with Mom’s Music!  After years of performing live in various bands including The Crashers (formerly the Louisville Crashers), we have tapped Howard to do a new series!

Today Howard addresses the issue of reducing stage volume during live performances.  Specifically dealing with preserving your sound while reducing volume, without affecting tone.

One of the best solutions available was created by Jet City Amplification.. An amp that allows for inner mic placement and a sound-absorbing door.  This allows for a more controlled stage presence but allows you to get perfect done while doing so.  A fantastic solution for professional musicians working with ear-based monitors or volume-sensitive environment like churches.

If you would like to ask Howard a question just use the submission form below.  We might do a video on it in the future…

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