August 20, 2015

About Us

Mom’s has 35 years of experience in the music business. That is good news for you! Mom’s has been installing sound systems in churches, schools, businesses, and just about anywhere else you could imagine over those 35 years, along with fixing seemingly unfixable instruments, teaching and mentoring the young, the old, and the not so old, and providing the gear that aspiring artists know will allow them to perform at their peak. Make no mistake about it, Mom’s has been nurturing Louisville’s beautiful musical cultural for quite some time. Broken gear? Let Mom’s take care of it for you. Creative block? Let Mom’s teachers provide you with insight. Let the Word be HEARD! Let Mom’s customize a sound system that fits your audience’s needs. Mom’s takes care of you. Mom’s wants you to succeed. Mom’s will be there when you need it the most. Mom’s Music – Because it’s where Louisville does music.